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From: Brad, Josh, and Nick
Co-Founders - The Casual Planeswalker

Dear Friend,

We can’t wait to tell you all about The Casual Planeswalker, all of the fantastic benefits you'll receive by joining the other fun-loving casual Magic players like you, and our new membership bonuses...

But first, We’d like to tell you a story.

We want to tell you what motivated us to start all this in the first place…

Here we are with our college buddies playing some Magic and having a blast. This is why we started the community.
We Kept Running Into Players Who Weren't Having Fun!

We can all remember when we first started playing Magic together - at our college, it was easy to get together an excellent group of Planeswalkers to duel at just about any hour of the day...and it was a BLAST! Win or lose, we all learned how to play the game together, brought new players into the mix, and even got to be pretty good at strategy -but the whole time, we had fun doing it!

Then once we started going to more serious events and saw the intensity - the ruthlessness with which a lot of players were playing - it was appalling! We all start playing the game, not because it's a way to show our superiority or the size of our wallet - but because it's one of the most fun games ever created.

It's Our Responsibility to the Magic Community

We realized that if we "stood on the sidelines" and watched the Magic community devolve into some sort of barbaric sport...we would lose interest in the game we all loved, and many others would too.

If we didn't find a way to unite all of the cool, amazing, and fun-loving players we had met across the time we spent playing together, there might be others who became disillusioned with Magic and some of the fun-sucking players that exist out there would drive away these wonderful would-be planeswalkers. This just plain bummed us out.

That's when we made the decision to do whatever it took to preserve the best part of Magic - the FUN while creating a place for new and casual players to work on our deck building and playing skills, without the judgment and pressure that comes from competitive environments. And if that meant creating a website that didn't yet exist, well then we had better start learning how to do just that…

So Many Unanswered Questions!

We quickly figured out that even though we had been playing Magic for years, we really didn't know the first thing about certain aspects of the game, which give those hyper-competetive players the edge and make us feel like we don't belong.

Sure, there are plenty of Magic strategy sites and books telling you tons of stuff about every $400 dollar deck and detailed mana curve analysis under the sun, but nothing seemed to tell us the in-depth information in a way that we could understand, and still think of Magic as "fun"! Plus, we didn't want to have to be a millionaire just to be "good" at Magic.

And since there were millions of other Magic players who we knew were casual players for the fun of the game like us but still wanted to constantly get better, We realized that they must have been just as frustrated as we were with the lack of good information.

So that's when we started The Casual Planeswalker and decided to write "The Casual Planeswalker's Ultimate Guide to Deckbuilding".

Wow! I Had No Idea How BIG This Would Become!

Since our humble beginnings, we've grown to include the best community of amazing players who love to get better at playing with their casual playgroups! And I'm proud to say that we've created much more than a book - we're created a very tight-knit community of folks from all walks of life…

If you're like us, We're confident you'll be very happy to become a member of the The Casual Planeswalker community.

If you feel the same way we do about Magic: The Gathering, friends, and fun, We'd be honored to have you as a new member.


Brad Osborne, Nick Roelofs, and Josh Fassett
Co-Founders, The Casual Planeswalker, LLC
Co-Authors, "The Casual Planeswalker's Ultimate Guide to Deckbuilding"

P.S. - Don't forget, you're protected by the, now legendary, TCP 100% Money-Back, Lifetime Guarantee. That's right, if you're not happy with ANYTHING for absolutely any reason you'll receive a prompt and courteous refund.

Everyone struggles to learn how to master certain aspects of the game: for some of us less mathematically inclined, things like Mana Curve and creature ratios can trip us up. For others, playing in a multiplayer setting can seem overwhelming and you can never quite figure out how to be one of the last players standing. Still others may find that they get nervous sitting across a competitive player in a tournament environment because their serious nature is intimidating. We are aware of all of these challenges and are here to help everyone work their way through them to become the best player they can be and completely enjoy the game every time you sit down. Once you become a member of TCP, you become a member of a family.

We are friendly folks who want to help each other...

Solving your Magic problems doesn’t have to be a time consuming or frustrating process. In fact TCP members can not only definitively help you solve your current deckbuilding, playing, or strategic problem, but we’ll also show you how to avoid the most common mistakes and problems before you experience them.

There are a lot of Magic: The Gathering websites and strategy forums out there telling you which expensive cards you need to buy to make a worthwhile deck, and how many copies of what cards you need to make it "efficient" while they completely leave out how to make the deck "fun"... And if that’s what you’re interested in then the Casual Planeswalker community is certainly not for you.

If however, you want relevant and practical knowledge and insights about what REALLY works so you can be completely comfortable, confident, knowledgeable, and skillful playing your deck, but be able to maintain awesomeness while doing it… then look no further.

We'll even LITERALLY help you build your decks to avoid some problems that we all run into from time to time. When you become a member, you can use our "Deck Doctor" service to submit up to 5 decks a month to our deckbuilding experts to have them make specialized suggestions for you to make the deck more efficient, more fun, or more closely fitting to the theme you want.

Not only that, but EVERY MONTH we will be releasing special reports to cover some of the most common issues we face as casual players. Everything from very specific aspects of building decks, to playing styles, to budget concerns. Here's just a couple of the titles we have available to members:

"Building While Broke: Quick and Dirty Tips to Winning With Less"

"Mastering Multiplayer: The Politics of Pwnage"

And again, these reports are FREE to members, and we will have a new one sent to you every single month. You can't find this kind of treatment anywhere else.

One of the best parts of going to cool Magic events is the fact that just for showing up, you usually get some free gift. Well, we can't deny the fact that we absolutely love this about Magic and want to give even more cool Magic stuff away.

Just for being a member each casual planeswalker will automatically be entered into a drawing to receive FREE STUFF every month. This will include special cards, gift certificates, booster packs, gaming supplies, promo items, apparel, and whatever else we feel like.

In addition to that, we will also have numerous occasions upon which you will have a chance to win even bigger prizes like booster packs, card protectors, we've even given away a BOOSTER BOX.

Oh, and there's one more HUGE free gift...but we'll get to that later...

How could you turn down free stuff every single month?

Tim W. from Wisconsin: "This book is an excellent book for Magic players of every skill level; at once a good introduction to Magic, a thorough refresher, and mostly, a reminder that we all play the game because it is fun!"


Laurel from Colorado:
"It was well-organized and offered a lot of insight for someone who is new to the ideas in Magic."

We're committed to saving you a bunch of money when you buy Magic: The Gathering supplies. We're friends with some of the best sites out there and get you the hook-up.

Not only that, but every day there will be a new "Deal of the Day" for casual players on things like playmats, dice, life counters, card protectors, and of course...Magic cards!

Trust us, you're not going to regret becoming a member of our family - we take care of each other.


Every week we're going to deliver a fresh issue of our newsletter. This is going to be so jam-packed with free goodies from all over the Magic community, you won't believe it! Every week you can look forward to:

  • Expert articles - Written for and by the casual player
  • Deck Ideas - Get inspired with our examples of some awesome deck ideas
  • Product Reviews - Wondering if that new life counter is worth its beans? We'll let you know
  • Tips/Tricks - We've got loads of secrets straight from the pros to make your decks more fun and more awesome
  • Exclusive Web Comic Series: Laugh your butt off every week with our Casual Planeswalker web comic series
  • Set Visual Spoilers: We'll keep you updated on the newest set information from Wizards of the Coast
  • Weekly Podcast: Stay tuned to the TCP podcast every week to hear our thoughts on what's going on in the Magic world.

With the delivery of our weekly newsletter, you'll never be behind in the Magic: The Gathering community

If all the deals, all the free giveaways, all the exclusive info and the chance to join an amazing community haven't convinced you to sign up yet...Well, you've just simply GOT to see this...

Just for signing up to our YEARLY membership (which already gets you all of the awesome benefits mentioned above)...we are going to GIVE YOU one copy of our book, "The Casual Planeswalker's Ultimate Guide to Deckbuilding"

This is the book that started the whole vision. We have sold hundreds of this baby and can't hear enough glowing reviews. The guys at said they had "never seen anything like it" and recommended it to any player new to the game of Magic. We wrote it for players LIKE YOU who want to master the finer points of Magic deck building, without the pressure from some people out there to build things a certain way and use certain cards. This book is meant to help you get all of the fundamentals of deck building (and many of the more subtle aspects) while still creating the most fun decks you've ever made.

Some of the content in the Ultimate Guide to Deckbuilding include:

  • Player Types - Understanding which player "type" you and your friends are - and using that to your advantage!
  • Deck Types - Know why figuring out the type of deck you want to build is so crucial - and how to maximize on the strategy for each type.
  • The Meta - Figuring out the play styles and trends that occur in your play group, and how to adjust to them.
  • Mana Curve - This concept can be convoluted, but we boil it down to the essentials and make it easy for any player at any level to understand.
  • The Deck-List Checklist - A comprehensive quick-reference sheet to make sure you have a winning deck before you ever have to test it against anyone else
  • Reference Decks - We've included some of our favorite casual decks and there will be plenty more where these came from
  • Much, Much More!

It's probably crazy to be giving this thing away, but we are committed to building the community of Casual Planeswalkers up, and truly believe that this book will help many players out there to get a grasp on the game without feeling like they have to fit into any type of competitive "box" for deck building.

Enjoy your FREE copy!

And if you sign up for a year, you'll even get a FREE copy of our Ultimate Guide to Deckbuilding

I'm sure you're wondering by now...WHERE DO I SIGN UP?




1 Year


The Biggest Value: A FREE copy of our most popular book, "The Ultimate Guide to Deckbuilding (A $29.97 Product)

1 Year Members are instantly sent a copy of our famous book, featured on MTGCast, a guide for beginners and seasoned casual players alike.

Become a Master of:

  • Player Types
  • Deck Types
  • The Meta
  • Mana Curve

Plus access these bonus features:

  • The Deck-List Check List
  • Reference Decks

This book is guaranteed to change the way you think about the game, and it is a FREE download for all of our new members.

Articles Written by Casual Players, For Casual Players
Members get access to our series of weekly published articles written by players like you who want to make the Magic community a more awesome place

The Casual Planeswalker Newsletter Subscription

You'll receive a weekly edition of our newsletter, jam-packed full of content for your reading pleasure: Videos, Photos, Articles, Podcasts, our special weekly Comic Strip, interviews with insiders, Casual Tips from the Pros, how-to's, killer combos, and much, much more. - Member Access
You'll have members-only access to the TCP website where you'll be able to quickly communicate with our staff and catch up on all the latest MTG news

Courses, Guides, and Reports
You'll receive a members-only access to a monthly FREE special report.

Examples Include:

  • "Counter Magic: You and the Dreaded Two Blue"
  • "Building While Broke: Quick and Dirty Tips to Winning With Less

  • "Mastering Multiplayer: The Politics of Pwnage"
These reports normally retail for between $17 and $57 each.
Deck Doctor: Improve Your Decks
Members can submit up to 5 decks per month to our specialized deckbuilding experts to receive personal attention and suggestions to improve your game and keep it fun.
Special Deals: Save On Cards, Supplies, and More
Members get exclusive deals from some of our favorite online gaming stores, as well as discounts on products from our own store, including our "Deal a Day" where we sell one product every day for a wicked cheap price.

FREE Giveaways: Get Spoiled
We like giving stuff away. Just for BEING a member, you automatically get entered into drawings for free gifts being sent to you EVERY month which could include cards, sleeves, boosters, mats, t-shirts, or anything else we feel like!

PLUS for doing nothing at all (except being an awesome member), you will automatically be entered to win our random giveaway prizes which have included promo cards, booster packs, apparel, dice, books, and even a BOOSTER BOX! We love to give stuff away!

Option 1 - Monthly Membership

  • Less than the price of a booster pack per month
  • Access to articles, deck doctor, newsletter, giveaways, and more.
  • Join the MTG Revolution!


Become a Member - $3.97/Month

Option 2 - Super Value! Yearly Membership

  • Nearly Half-Off monthly cost
  • Access to articles, newsletter, deck doctor, giveaways, and more.
  • FREE copy of The Ultimate Guide to Deckbuilding instant download
  • FREE welcome Gift sent to you
  • Join the MTG Revolution!


Become a Member - $27/Year

Option 3 - Deckbuilder's Option

(Instantly Download)

If you're not quite ready to join the revolution yet - you can snag a copy of the deckbuilder's guide and at least master the art of building a great casual deck!

And hey - just because you found us and we want to let you enjoy it...we'll knock 5 bucks off the price right now!


Become a Master Deckbuilder -



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